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Faenwyl Bindery

Hand binding, book and paper repair

New York City

© 2019 by Cara Schlesinger

About Cara

I specialize in designing and building handmade custom boxes (slipcases, clamshells, and other enclosures) for the protection of books and manuscripts, as well as book and paper repair. I also do custom binding, and on the side I make blank journals and keepsake boxes.


All of my boxes and books are made with materials chosen for their safety and longevity---all are “archival.”


I perform repair work with an eye toward preservation. Your books and ephemera will be repaired according to conservation principles and ethics, using techniques and materials that are sympathetic to the original materials and methods; that are reversible; that will not (to current knowledge) cause harm to your book or document; and that will harmonize with its original appearance.